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History of Nickel Iron Batteries
Historic Electric Car Running on Nickel Iron (Ni-Fe) Batteries
from 1912 to 1997

In North America Ni-Fe batteries have been out of production since 1973, when the Exide Battery company
bought the process and took them out of production for  unknown
reasons.   Lots to read at the Vancouver
Electric Vehicle Association about these batteres.

1912 Detroit Electric car

This car ran from 1912 to 1997 on the same Nickel Iron storage battery.
Go to the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association to read the story!

Shown above is VEVA's 1912 Detroit Electric. This car was owned by Mrs. Florence French of
Victoria, BC from 1912 till the 1950s. It was driven regularly until the mid-1950s. Electric cars
were popular with the ladies due to the ease of starting, quietness and smoke-free cleanliness.
The original Nickel-Iron batteries were replaced in the late 1990s because the cases were failing
After fixing a case leak they still worked fine after 85 years of operation! Visit the Detroit Electric
at home in the Stave Falls BC Hydro powerhouse museum, also built in 1912!   The museum is
near Mission, BC
at 31338 Dewdney Trunk Road.  Call ahead at 604-462-1222 for hours.

Jay Leno owns two of them, and one of them is Ni-Fe powered.   His wife drives one of them and she
says the worst thing about them is the silent operation which has caused her to almost run
dogs, cats, deer and pedestrians that walk across the road without noticing the silent car.

The BC Provincial Museum in Victoria BC Canada also has one on display running on Ni-Fe batteries.

This technology is being re-introduced by Microsec R&D Inc.  It is ideal for renewable energy storage. 
Through the formation of the Nickel Iron Battery Association manufacturers and
suppliers can
exchange ideas and improvements to this century old battery technology.
  Through this link you can
see Microsec's test solar house.

Nickel Iron Battery Association Link

The plug in electric boat of 1893
This plug-in electric boat was featured at the Chicago World's  Fair of 1893.   This amazing fleet
of 55 in number 36 foot long electric boats carried during two years over a million passengers in an
silent powered electric boat.   They made a profit of over $300,000 in 1893 to 1894.  
today's money that is 40 million!   The battery technology used remains a mystery.
historic electric boat from 1893
The Elco company that made the boat is still in business today, well over 117 years ago.

Flash of History (1957)
Legendary Canadian Designed Jet
Avro Arrow
Product of the Canadian Government
(Fastest jet of the era was also destroyed by the Conservative Government for mysterious reasons)
Link to Avro Arrow History