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Our Best Projects

Fuel Cell Hydrogen Assisted Sailboat
fuel cell boat
Canada's First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Assisted Sail Boat
Under cooperative development with AGO Environmental Inc. and Igreen Technologies Inc.

This project is under the direction of Jim Harrington of AGO Environmental.  
Ian Soutar of Microsec R&D assisted with electronics and hydrogen fuelling.

Jim just reported
August 24th 2007 ...
This is historic! It is the First Canadian built hydrogen fuel cell powered sail boat and it
is now operational.  Not as powerful as we will ultimately make it but it is running." 

Microsec R&D Inc. is supplying microcontroller and general electronic support as needed.
Igreen Technologies Inc. is supplying the fuel cells.
ian picture on boatJim on boat
Ian Soutar on left and Jim Harrington on right
Check out the AGO web site for more information as it is posted.
(Click the link on Under Development on the AGO site.)

Experimental Solar Electric Boat
Soon to be "hybrid" Solar / Hydrogen
 (with 500 watt hydrogen Fuel Cell Stack)
eboat pepper pot
Manufactured 1967 Saltair Scookum now Electric
Owned by Ian Soutar of Victoria B.C. 

Electric Boat View 2
Pepper Pot Solar Charged Electric Boat showing drive electronics.

solar boat view 1
Solar Charged Electric Boat Showing Panels on Top
Energy control system designed by Ian Soutar.

Electric boat view 3
Modified Gas Engine now 3 Phase 220 VAC 2 HP
Designed by Jim Harrington originally
 Redesigned by Uvic Mechatronics Class 2008

solar electric boat
Left is 24V DC to 240 AC ... Right is 3 phase speed and direction control.
System designed and built by Jim Harrington

Background of boat owner Ian Soutar

Ian was once an employee of the National Research Council's Division of Energy in Ottawa.  
The Division of Energy of the NRC specialized in alternate energy solutions in the early 1980s.  
The Conservative Party under Brian Mulrooney stopped all such research by closing the NRC
Building for the Division of Energy and removing the funding for this type of research. 

The leading solar scientists were offered excellent jobs in Japan and some left Canada.

Virtual Reality Fishing Machine
fishing simulator
The Original Virtual Reality Fishing Machine
Designers: Charlie White and Microsec R&D Inc.
Charlie White has been a biologist, underwater photographer,
fishing guide and gear developer — the Scotty downrigger, for instance.
1995: First with real underwater video
1996: First computerized version, mpeg video
2008 Redesigned Using Open Source Tools

Fuel Cell Electronic Control Design
fuel cell
Fuel Cell Control System 2007
Shown is 1kw stack by Palcan Fuel Cells of Vancouver

Best Past Projects
(see Photo Gallery for full listing)
Worm Extractor
worm finder
Device brings worms out of ground for fishing
Inventor partner Paul Podsiadly Tillsonberg, Ontario.
Patented device developed through NRC in 1986
Available for marketing through Microsec R&D Inc.
(Microsec's first patented product in 1987)

Pocket Heart Monitor
Heart monitor
Heart Monitor and Event Recorder
Patented device through Harley Street Software 1999

Automated Billing Hotel Room Safe System
hotel room safe automated system
Automated Billing Hotel Safe Systems installed in Hawaii and Las Vegas
for All Safe Ltd.   Patented in 2000.   New design 2004

Fish Style Swimming Robot
Hydrogen Projects

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Energy Applications
In partnership with AGO Environmental Inc.
and Igreen Technologies Inc.

fuel cellfuel cell
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Stacks

jack jardine in Toronto CNE 2007
Jack Jardine with hydrogen bikes
at Canadian National Exhibition Toronto Canada 2007

fc bike
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bike
The motor system on this FC Roadster is a 300 watt rear hub drive, the fuel cell is in the black pod, and the saddle
bags are both storage space and additional hydrogen canister carriers. She will go 32 km/hr, for 150 kms on $5 worth of hydrogen.

hydride tank
Metal Hydride based Containers used in the boat
(Metal hydride tanks allow low pressure storage of hydrogen)

 Courtesy of Palcan Fuel Cells Ltd.
Vancouver B.C.

Hydrogen Clients
AGO Enviromental Ltd.
Igreen Technologies Inc.
Palcan Fuel Cells Ltd.

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