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Renewable Energy Technology that Works
(Long Lifespan with no Consumables)

This Area Will Become a Website on its own.   If you have
good ideas to contribute we will post them.  Please help to
contribute renewable energy ideas for the use in developing

The Public Domain Technologies

By  posting here you are making the technologies non-patentable and
therefore useful to the innovative home builder anywhere in the world.

The details of the below designs are available upon request. Future
versions of this website will include all engineering diagrams.

These systems are designed to provide for base line power using
Solar and Nickel Iron Battery systems.   In addition lighting for
Schools and Hospitals is provided for through DC LED modules.
It is also possible to run computer systems. All without the use of
line power or diesel / gasoline generators.  Ideal for remote places.

Solar with Nickel Iron Cell Storage
-patented by Thomas Edison in 1902, used in first electric cars in 1912
Average Lifespan is 20-40 years.  Some cars from 1912 still running on original cells!
changhong nife batteries
Environmentally friendly electric storage
(contains Nickel, Iron, Potassium and sometimes Lithium hydroxide)
Available in all sizes from 20-1000 amp hours
Each cell is 1.2 volts (24 volts = 20 cells)
Click to Download Changhong Manual
(Large file with slow download)
Solar Application Manual for NiFe Battery

NiFe Wholesale Sales
(Email us for best NiFe cell prices in North America)

Large Chicago Downtown Off Grid Solar with NiFe Batteries
off grid in Chicago
Some battery cells from 1930s and still ticking!
This is a very interesting installation with all details shown.

Model Solar School Lighting & Computer-power Project
Using Edison's Nickel Iron Batteries
gives 30 year life without consumable components.
solar panels on roof
700 Watts of Monocrystalline Solar Panels

controller for solar charging
Maximum Power Point Solar Controller and Breakers

batteries in shed
Batteries in Garden Shed Near House (26 volts)

led lights inside
LED DC Ceiling Light Internal View (each bright spot equivalent to 50 watts)

ceiling dome light
LED DC Ceiling Dome Light with Diffusing Cover