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Microsec R&D Inc. 1974 to Present

Inventions of Ian Soutar: 1974 to 1986
(Prior to Company Formation)

solar research
Solar energy control electronics
(Norsun Solar in Ottawa 1983-1984)

blind colour reader invention
Blind colour reader Invention
(New Zealand newspaper, 1974)

A Sampling of Microsec R&D
Inventions, Contracts and Projects

1986 to 2005

(Most patents are USA registered)

wormworm finder
Pocket sized Earthworm Extractor for Fishing
Developed for Paul Podsiadly of London Ontario.
(NRC funded ... patented in Canada and the USA)

fishing simulator
Virtual Reality Fishing Trainer (NRC Funded)
Click Picture for Product Site

farm feed automation
Farm feed automation patented by Farmatic Research
(NRC funded and patented)

whale 1
Whale, bird and other animal radio or satellite tags
(1992-1993 developed for Habit Research Inc.)

data link
Serial Data Link
(1995 for Jasco Research Inc.)

  Nuclear power plant inspection robot electronics
 (1996 for ASA Automation)

robotic tuna fish
Robotic Fish Built for the University of Victoria
Self Propelled Servo Tuna ... click for video

heart monitor
Calculator sized  heart monitor
(1998 for Harley Street Software Inc.)

palm pilot scope wave pattern
Palm voice detection software
(1999 for Wavemakers Research Inc.)

Microphone array for marine rescue Work
(2000 for Wavemakers Inc.)
(Windproofing patent issued 2004)

Rattail Antenna click for details
(Patented in USA 2002)

small earphone radio

Small sports broadcast radio picks up local arena
broadcasts of sporting events live.  Developed for
Broadcast Live Technologies Inc.  Patent pending 2005.

hotel room safe
Auto billing hotel safe system for Allsafe Technology Inc.
(3 USA Patents Pending 2002 - 2005)

fuel cellfuel cell
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Product Development

fuel cell bike
Fuel Cell Assisted Bicycle

fuel cell assisted sailboat
Fuel Cell Assisted Sail Boat
July 2007-2011

ian soutar pic
Ian Soutar Sailing The "D"

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