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Hormesis and the Health Benefits of Nuclear Radiation.
Nuclear radiation has been regarded as being dangerous even in low level exposure.
This belief is not based on science but is based on an edict in 1959 by several groups
such as the UN simply declaring that "low levels of radiation are dangerous" in order
to create enough public fear worldwide of radiation that the A bomb would never be
used!  This belief was never scientifically demonstrated by a single experiment.

It is true that very low levels of radiation from a nuclear reactor can be extremely
dangerous since the half life of these radioactive isotopes are short and range from
days  to a low number of years.   Natural uranium, which is part of the soil,  gives off
its radiation slowly over billions of years and is therefore safe.   These short lived
isotopes like iodine give off the same radiation but condensed into days instead of
billions of years!   Radioactive Iodine radiation for example is approximately
 millions of times more intense than natural uranium!  These dangerous short
lived elements never occur in nature and are very hazardous.

Modern Research on Nuclear Radiation Hormesis

Around the year 2000 it became accepted by biologists that a DNA repair mechanism
is at work constantly repairing the million or so hits from cosmic radiation that occur
every few minutes.   This DNA repair mechanism ensures that no genetic error that
might cause mutations and cancer occurs.   This discovery also demonstrates that
radiation exposure at low levels is not cumulative since the damage from each
exposure is repaired before the next exposure occurs.  

Low level radiation is much less intense than cosmic rays and therefore low level
radiation is no longer considered to be a threat by biologists.   In fact experimentation
with low level radiation has shown that there are many benefits to low level radiation.
It is sometimes referred to as a micro nutrient ... because low level radiation makes
the DNA repair mechanism increase its activity.   The same mechanism also causes
the immune protection mechanisms to become more effective in preventing viral and
bacterial infections.   To learn more, read the scientific article shown ...

Below is an article by Dr. T. D. Luckey who was the first modern popularizer of radiation
hormesis ...
Click Here to read T. D. Luckey's article on Radiation Hormesis

To look at the science papers and more detailed description see
site below that
discusses how low levels of naturally occuring radioactivity may be used to prevent
cancer and to stop it from spreading.    X rays of a low intensity are sometimes used in
Total Body Irradiation or TDI. 

Click Here for Radiation Hormesis Science Site

Hormesis Experimenter Supplies
Calibrated Uranium Glass Beads for Sale
Microsec is offering calibrated uranium glass beads for researchers.   These beads
are approved for jewellery use and are not dangerous.   The uranium is locked into
the glass matrix and cannot escape unless you crush the glass to a fine  powder.  
Even then the uranium content is less than 2% of the glass.   These are
jewellery grade beads and have been popular for about 200 years.

uranium beaduranium bead glowing
Beads under normal light / Beads under UV light

This bead cluster put out 1.1 microsieverts/hour
Each set of beads is calibrated with a geiger counter prior to shipping.

These are jewellery grade uranium beads which have been popular for almost
200 years and are safe to ship in the mail. 

To purchase Uranium Glass Beads please visit:

Uranium Glass Marbles
uranium glass
Calibrated uranium glass marbles are $10 / dozen. 

It takes two marbles to trigger most geiger counters.  These uranium glass
marbles are available for experiments.
  Each releases 0.25 microSieverts / hour.

These s
ets are useful for petri dish based tests with bacteria, algae, fungi etc.  
Any local toy shop can provide for non radioactive marbles
to act as a control

Shipping in North America for a small number of beads or marbles is about $5 by
regular mail.

If you are interested please write to ...  isoutar@microsec.net.